There are thousands of agents out there, so why would you choose us to help you navigate this crazy market and find an awesome place to live or invest in?

Real Estate doesn’t sleep and as a buyer you have to be ready to move (see what we did there?) Which means we, as Realtors must have our shoelaces tied before anyone else. We are dedicated to the industry – we live and breathe Real Estate, and pride ourselves on being available to our clients.

We are a duo, but there aren’t too many of us to name. You’ll meet with us in the beginning and it’s us you deal with right through to the end and beyond. You’ll never feel passed off - we deal with you directly and we never drop the ball. Not to mention, you get two minds working for you, which is pretty awesome.

Daily automatic searches are great, BUT…. They’re not the be all and end all. We believe in hand picking listings too! You hired us for our opinion and you’re going to get it (sorry in advance). If we see a great listing come up that we think is perfect - chances are it won’t last - we want to be sure that time is on our side… so we’ll send it to you right away with our thoughts.

We know our stuff. We’ve worked with lots of buyers, in lots of price ranges, on lots of properties. We understand that what you buy is often determined by how much you have to spend, or what you have to sell. We’ve successfully negotiated many complicated transactions and we understand the value of creativity in those situations. No two transactions are alike, but we treat each and every one with the same level of service, passion and, dare we say it…. Love.

We have an awesome behind the scenes crew that you, as a buyer will have access to. Don’t know a home inspector? No worries. We do! A few actually. Need a contractor? Done! Need a cleaner? Meh! Easy! Wouldn’t mind a plumber who comes recommended? No problemo! Need a lawyer to close the transaction? Check your email. The last thing we want is you stressing over the small stuff!

That’s enough about us. We want to hear about you! Shoot us a line (do people say that anymore?) or give us a call. We would love to hear from you!

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