It's 2017! What is happening?

18 January 2017
Jessica Riley

January is an odd time in the Market. Traditionally slow in terms of inventory. What are the next few months going to bring about with all these crazy new rules? This is what we think...

First timers rejoice!

29 November 2016
Jessica Riley

33 Glenora Ave, Oakwood-Vaughan. Your dream home has arrived. Detached, adorable and oozing with charm in every room.


21 September 2016
Jessica Riley

The freehold sector witnessed a 41% increase in new listings last week which clearly signaled the start of the fall market. As we have seen time and time again, there is a week long lag in sales as holdbacks to offer night afford ample opportunity to view homes. Last week was no surprise. Sales were lower than the previous week (mostly due to one less day of trading) even though almost 62% of the homes that did sell sold at or above the list price. The problem of low inventory becomes more recognizable when you consider that a year ago we had over twice as many listings and three times as many sales.